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High quality photo retouching services

We offer You the highest quality Beauty, Glamour, Fashion, Magazine retouching services. If You want to be aware of our services, read about it below.

Retouching  is a process of photos alteration, reduction or elimination of the undesired elements, for example, details of composition or face and body imperfections like excess weight or skin roughness. The photography after retouching should be interesting and pleasing to the eye. For more information read below. 

Beauty retouching. Face skin needs to be retouched in photo even it is beautiful and with professional make-up, which empazises its beauty and hides its imperfections. However, there will be seen little imperfections, which needs to be retouched in the photo, for example, face wrinkles, shadows or light on the skin. Probably, hair needs to be retouched too.

Glamour retouching. Models body needs Glamour retouching to look very atractive in the photos later. In this way retouching eliminate body‘s imperfections, for example, excess weight, body proportions and lines, which looks not appropriate. Even models body look nice, the photos will show all little imperfect things such as skin roughness, too white or too dark skin. 

Fashion retouching. Here is important to emphasize designer‘s idea. Of course, face and body needs retouching, but more important, as mentioned, to emphasize the idea, style or product of design: wear collection after retouching should look as better as possible. The main purpose of photographer – to reveal the ideas of design in the best ways, sometimes even to help designer to create mood in photographies or create model‘s character.

Magazine retouching. Magazine‘s cover retouching.

We offer You high quality services. We are sure that we will please Your taste, wishes  and meet Your requirements!

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